September: Events & Activities

Is your diary for September full yet?

Whether you’re looking to brush up on your cooking skills, dance your socks off, or get a hug from an Arizonan man-bunny – we’re sure have something to keep you entertained.

Ottonlenghi: Simple

Israeli-British chef, Yotam Ottolenghi is something of a legend in London foodie circles. His establishments across the city, including restaurants and delicatessens, are shrines to his particular brand of vibrant world cookery which will be on display at the nearby Islington Assembly Hall. His new book, SIMPLE, offers a no-frill approach to his classic cooking style which any amateur chef should be able to execute and he’ll be joined by co-author Tara Wigley who’ll be helping him to demonstrate just that.

When? Islington Assembly Hall Where? 11th September How much? £22

Audible Presents: Spoken World – The Butterfly Effect

Jewish Welsh multihyphenate Jon Ronson is known for keeping his finger in many pies. Scarcely 51 years old, he’s played keyboards on tour with cult act Frank Sidebottom, written best-selling novels and has spent the last year researching the effect that free on-demand pornography has had on the United Kingdom as well as the sex scene in Soho. The writer and broadcaster will be joined by experts and professionals from the industry as he brings his popular podcast to life on stage.

When? 12th September Where? The BOX How much? £15

Nobunny (with Support)

Although ‘Rock’ was proclaimed dead a long time ago, Nobunny would beg to differ. Justin Champlin hails from Tucson, Arizona and has been cavorting on-stage in coats made of trash and a furry rabbit mask for 10 years now under the guise of Nobunny. He’s built up quite the following since 2008, playing his deftly infectious brand of lo-fi garage rock and power pop with a band of similarly dressed bunnies. Support for the night comes from local boys Johnny Throttle and scuzz-peddlers Suicide Generation.

When? 16th September Where? The Finsbury How much? £16.75

Benedict Allen: Ultimate Explorer

At 58 years old, writer, travellers and adventurer Benedict Allen shows no sign of slowing down. Considered by many to be one of the last great adventurers, Allen has cemented his legacy in history with many expeditions including scientific trips out to Costa Rica and Brunei. The work with which he’s recognised today is largely concerned with making contact with threatened tribes in as far-flung regions as Papua New Guinea and the Amazon. He’s now touring the much safer climes of the UK sharing his experiences, as well as never-before-seen video material.

When? 22nd September Where? Union Chapel How much? £30

Dark Was The Night

Northern Soul music lives again thanks to the efforts made by friends William J. Foot and Lewis J. Henderson, the founders of the Deptford Northern Soul Club. Back in 2016 these lifelong friends wanted to bring a genuine Northern Soul night to their borough of London. After a successful debut night they were able to ramp up their efforts and now hold regular parties featuring specialist DJs from all around the UK. They’ll bring their electric night out to Dalston for the first time this month.

When? 22nd September Where? The Bunker Club How much? £5.50

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