Newington Green Welcomes New Students!

The students have returned to London and the city already feels fit to burst!

Now that the university terms are back in fully swing there are a whole host of events taking place across the city that are just the excuse to escape Newington Green for the evening and expand your mind.

International Populism: The Radical Right in the European Parliament

Continuing the success of lectures from last year, this season’s series will be kicked off by a handful of speakers from the UK and Europe who will be tackling the timely topic of Populism.

Duncan McDonnel, Professor of Politics at Griffith University, Australia will be starting the night and no doubt plugging his new tome looking at radial right populists in the European Parliament (due out in May 2019). Stijn van Kessel, lecturer in European Politics at Queen Mary UoL will be speaking next followed by Sarah Wolff, Director of the Centre for European Research and Lecturer in Public Policy at the Queen Mary’s.

When? 15th October Where? Europe House, 32 Smith Square How much? Free

Going undercover

The programming staff at the City University of London certainly know how to market to college students. Although it’s doubtful that many of the students in attendance will reach the kind of lofty heights that investigative documentarian speakers have done in their successful careers, this evening will no doubt serve as the inspiration for many upcoming ad-hoc exposes.

Founder and MD of Hardcash Productions, David Henshaw, has produced more than 50 films in an illustrious career that won him five Emmys and two Peabodys (to name but a few), he’ll be followed by producer/director Gesbeen Mohammad (a graduate of City herself), Commissioning Editor for Investigations for Channel 4, Job Rabkin and Josh Reynolds, a producer/director who has won a Bafta for his work on ‘Britain’s Immigration Secrets’.

When? 24th October Where? Oliver Thompon Lecture Theatre, Tait Building How much? Free

Back to the future; 19th century watchmaking by 21st century watchmakers


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Craig and Rebecca Struthers are a unique husband-and-wife-team, having founded an English watchmaking studio in the middle of a financial crisis. The duo met at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design whilst training as watchmakers and have since become qualified in jewellery, silversmithing, illustrating and gemmology. Rebecca’s move to further her studies led her to become the first watchmaker in Britain to earn a PhD in horology and makes the Struthers a truly learned couple; well-suited to leading their talk on brandishing 19th century skills in the modern age.

When? 28th October Where? Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre, Tait Building How much? Free

Metaphonica IV: The House of Beyond Sound

Whilst not all of us would have had the necessary creative flair to have attended Central Saint Martins’ prestigious Art School, we all have the opportunity to taste a slice of the creative pie that is served up on a regular basis at this truly one of a kind night showcasing the dual talents of the current body of students and the ground-breaking artists signed to new ‘post-classical’ label Mecury KX. For those unfamiliar with Roman Numerals, this is the fourth incarnation of Metaphonica a night that blurs disciplines and explores new territories between art and music culture.

When? 1st November Where? The Street, Central Saint Martins How much? £20

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